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News from our group

Justin Letschert successfully completed his bachelor thesis “Untersuchung der Strahlenhärte der Belle II Pixeldetektor-Spannungsversorgung an MAMI” as well as his final exam and was awarded the title of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

During his time at AG Sfienti, he investigated the radiation hardness of the Belle II Pixel Detector power supply at MAMI.


Source: https://www2.kek.jp/ipns/en/news/5414/

After approximately 18 months, the SuperKEKB electron-positron collider was ready to restart its work. The long shutdown (LS1) provided ample time to upgrade the collider and the Belle II detector. Since 20 February Belle II is recording collision data again.

Björn Spruck from AG Sfienti is currently in Japan making sure the new Pixel Vertex Detector (PXD2), which was installed last year during LS1, is operational for successful data collection.


AG Sfienti is currently in Bormio, Italy, participating in the International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics
(22-26 January 2024).

It is the 60th jubilee of this long-standing conference, which has been bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics for decades.

A great reason to celebrate!

There are overview talks on the on the various fields covered by the conference

  • Nuclear Astrophysics and Nuclear Structure
  • Heavy Ion Physics
  • Hadron Physics
  • Particle Physics
  • Applied Nuclear Physics
  • Detectors and Future Projects

Special attention is also given to their interplay with and impact on other major fields of fundamental physics.

Prof. Dr. Concettina Sfienti has acted as an organizer and co-chair of this meeting for years.


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